On Becoming Anna

Month: September, 2016

A post addressed to the men who called me ugly

A couple of months ago, my best friends and I went away to Barcelona, and on the way had a small stop over in Holland – we were visiting our friend who lived there. Being tourists and the absolute maniacs we are, a trip to Amsterdam was an absolute necessity.We only had time for a day trip, so in the typical British style, we spent the entire day wandering around the Red Light District and giggling. Whilst we did have an amazing time and I will 100% be returning in the near future, something did happen that put a small downer on my day.

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The best and worst things about dating your best friend

If you have ever read my blog, or looked at my instagram/twitter/facebook, you’ll know that I have this boyfriend called Josh. We’ve known each other since the first day of uni, we met at parties every day for a week and I thought him and another boy called Ryan were the same person up until about November – drink does weird things to me.  We have been in the same friendship group for three years, but despite seeing each other almost every day, I was never really more than ‘slightly fond’ of him. It wasn’t until we starting living together in my third year that I realised I liked him as a person, I even thought he was kind of cute.

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A letter to my fourteen year old self 

So I’ve just moved into a new house to begin my postgraduate study and with my graduation just around the corner and 21st birthday last week I am suddenly feeling, understandably, incredibly nostalgic.
Whilst I have always been someone to get things ultimately wrong, someone who generally stumbles through life with little or basically no control, I do believe that I have learnt a lot throughout my teenage years and have got a lot of things, inevitably, right.

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