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Can we PLEASE stop talking about leagues

They’re stupid, offensive, and they literally make no sense.

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What is an appropriate response to catcalling?

We’ve all been there ladies (and gents of course); walking innocently along down the street listening to the latest hip-hop jams on the iPod or just simply minding your own business as you pop to Sainsburys to grab a pain au raisin. Then suddenly a white van or big lorry full of men drives by and screams ‘OIIIOIIII DARLING SHOW US WHAT’S BENEATH THAT SHIRT’ or some other similar profanity. So loudly that you drop your pain au raisin.

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Diary of an over-stressed masters student

After finishing my English Literature degree last year, I made the decision to continue in postgraduate study and complete a masters degree in 21st Century Literature. I absolutely loved my undergraduate course, have no experience in anything that’s not retail and quite frankly, am not ready to join the real world yet. Or at least I thought I wasn’t at the time.

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A post addressed to the men who called me ugly

A couple of months ago, my best friends and I went away to Barcelona, and on the way had a small stop over in Holland – we were visiting our friend who lived there. Being tourists and the absolute maniacs we are, a trip to Amsterdam was an absolute necessity.We only had time for a day trip, so in the typical British style, we spent the entire day wandering around the Red Light District and giggling. Whilst we did have an amazing time and I will 100% be returning in the near future, something did happen that put a small downer on my day.

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The best and worst things about dating your best friend

If you have ever read my blog, or looked at my instagram/twitter/facebook, you’ll know that I have this boyfriend called Josh. We’ve known each other since the first day of uni, we met at parties every day for a week and I thought him and another boy called Ryan were the same person up until about November – drink does weird things to me.  We have been in the same friendship group for three years, but despite seeing each other almost every day, I was never really more than ‘slightly fond’ of him. It wasn’t until we starting living together in my third year that I realised I liked him as a person, I even thought he was kind of cute.

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A letter to my fourteen year old self 

So I’ve just moved into a new house to begin my postgraduate study and with my graduation just around the corner and 21st birthday last week I am suddenly feeling, understandably, incredibly nostalgic.
Whilst I have always been someone to get things ultimately wrong, someone who generally stumbles through life with little or basically no control, I do believe that I have learnt a lot throughout my teenage years and have got a lot of things, inevitably, right.

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‘Mum, it is offensive when you call me unladylike’

On Facetime to my Mum last night, whilst describing my day, I dropped a jar of easy cut ginger on my foot and swore. Now, swearing isn’t something that is hugely encouraged in my family, but it is has become more common in our discourse since my sister and I have got older. I know that to the older generations, and to some of our own, swearing is not polite or necessary, and in most polite conversation it is something that I attempt to refrain from doing.

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Struggle with accepting my vagina

Up until I was about 15, I thought there was something horrendously wrong with my vagina.

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Where I am now

It’s been a while since I last blogged properly; I’ve been swept up with the pace of studying in my third year of university and now I’m at the stage where I really need to start trying to figure out what on earth I want to do with my life.

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I’m back and I’m better

Hey guys! As I am now rounding off my third year at university, I feel like I really need to get back into blogging. This site used to be just for me; mainly personal diary entries and little experimentation’s with creative pieces, but now I’ve decided to be brave and open it up to everyone to read, and hopefully it’ll become something I am proud of rather than a secret! Whilst I am keeping a few of my old posts, I feel like a re-vamp of this blog is needed, and after many failed attempts to get back into writing, I am absolutely going to commit to it this time!

I’m going to mainly be writing about my everyday life as a student, girl and friend, but I will also be dappling into my main loves in this world – books, clothes, food and feminism.

I’d really appreciate any comments or thoughts on anything I write!

Thank you,